Our Concept

ACB installs experienced component brokers in their own businesses, as required ... their own identities with offices, websites, communications and all the basics necessary to conduct a thriving component brokerage. The participants do the buying and selling, ACB provides the support and logistics. We do it together!

ACB also partners with established independent distributors of electronic components to provide them with strengths in logistics and/or financial support that they may be lacking. Our broker stimulus program can provide, as needed:
Financial backing to enable the handling of larger orders
Back end services such as receiving, shipping, billing, collections and warehousing, all by experienced professionals
    - ISO 9001:2008 registered operations
State-of-the-art receiving inspection and reporting
    - Includes in house decapsulation for component authentication
    - IDEA STD 1010A trained QA staff
Sourcing, if required, by our staff of buyers

We have successfully applied this formula in a number of cases with astounding results. Our Associates and Partners have prospered well beyond expectations, both personally and financially, because:

They have more time to buy and sell
They have fewer headaches
They make their own deals and call all their own shots
ACB provides the support and logistics


Associated Component Brokers
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